Wednesday, March 07, 2012

#Kony 2012 - time to bring a truly evil man to justice

This is an assault on the emotions, going from the elation of new parenthood to the harrowing story of how Joseph Kony has spent 26 years abducting children and forcing them to kill for his Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda. As the commentator says "Who am I to try to stop a war? Who am I not to?

Joseph Kony needs to be brought to justice, no doubt about that. Watch this video to see why.

You can find out more here.  And please share this far and wide.


Andrew Hickey said...

Just a warning that the people who made that video are not necessarily the best people to work with to stop the problem.

Unknown said...

Fair enough. There's more here.

I wouldn't give this lot money & to be honest I had reservations about posting this. I decided to more than anything else to highlight the sort of abuse that goes on in the world. Just because others are as bad or worse doesn't mean he should get away with it.


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