Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lib Dem News says Galloway a curiosity, rather than a serious candidate

I love Lib Dem News. Even though I can find out a lot of things going on in the party from other sources, it still tells me things I don't know.

In order to get out for Friday, though, the party paper's deadline has to be before the election results come through on a Thursday night/Friday morning. This week that was patently obvious.

On the Bradford West by-election, the writer of the "Jeanette says thank you" article had this to say about new MP George Galloway:
"The election was livened up by George Galloway, whose attention seeking actions made him a natural for the protest vote, but essentially he served as a curiosity rather than a serious candidate."
Remember President Dewey, anyone?

Well, the Chicago Tribune survives to this day, and so will Lib Dem News, but you have to admit it's funny.


Jennie Rigg said...

Sad to see the person writing that swallowed the London-based media's and/or the Labour party's Kool Aid.

Unknown said...

Yes. A victory of that magnitude must have been tangible for a few days, though in Dunfermline it turned for us in the last week.


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