Monday, April 02, 2012

What have the Lib Dems done for you? A pretty picture

My Lib Dem Voice colleague Mark Pack has produced this rather lovely infographic of Liberal Democrat achievements in Government and it's reproduced here with his permission. Some of this doesn't work in Scotland, where you need to add in things like the Scotland Bill, Mike Moore's intervention to secure a decisive, legal and fair referendum and his work on the Crown Estate. You could also look back to the Holyrood coalitions for a Scottish one where we got rid of Labour's tuition fees, insisted on free personal care for the elderly and introducing STV for local Government.

Mark produces a lot of useful stuff, so it would be worth your while, if you haven't already, signing up for his monthly e-mail newsletter. 

1 comment:

cynicalHighlander said...

Moore rigs referendum consultation in standard Westminster fashion. No surprise there then.


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