Friday, April 13, 2012

About Kris Chapman - conscientious, capable and caring

I have a lot of friends standing for the Liberal Democrats in the Council elections across the whole country. I just thought it might be a good idea to write a bit about some of them from a personal, rather than a political point of view, just to give you a snapshot of what they're like as people. So, every week day from now until May 3rd, I'll tell you something about how I know them and why I like them.

So, let's kick of with Kris Chapman, not least because it was his birthday yesterday and he'll still be reeling from being forced to take some time out of his campaign (I had to order him) to go out for a celebratory meal with his lovely girlfriend Jenny. I first got to know him when he was President of Liberal Youth Scotland in 2010. He was always very diligent in participating in Scottish Lib Dem Exec meetings and in communicating what LYS were doing.

I was delighted when he was chosen to stand in the George St/Harbour ward of Aberdeen City Council. He's someone who has enormous courage. He was the candidate in the Dyce, Bucksburn and Danestone by-election last year. This took place on 19 May, just two weeks after that horrendous Scottish election result for us. Kristian was back out there, leading his team of volunteers, immediately afterwards, keeping them going and just getting on with it. It wasn't easy to put your head above the parapet in these circumstances but he did us proud.

His capacity for work is legendary. When the Liberal Democrats aren't keeping him busy, he spends his time volunteering for charities like Marie Curie and Barnardos.

He's someone who cares deeply about the local community and would be tenacious in standing up for his constituents. Since his selection, he's been working incredibly hard, knocking on thousands of doors and talking to local people. He's also someone who asks questions, who scrutinises information very carefully and won't take no for an answer if he thinks someone needs more help. He's also prepared to both seek and listen to advice if he needs to.

If you live in that ward in Aberdeen, if you give Kris Chapman your first preference, you'll be assured of someone who has the compassion, courage and capability to be a fabulous councillor.

If you want to contact Kris or find out more about him, his website is here and his Facebook page is here.

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