Thursday, April 26, 2012

Have you ever seen a Government consultation pushed in your face quite so much?

I've just done a Google search for yesterday's report into conditions at Cornton Vale which I know is going to make horrendous reading. What is it going to take for Kenny MacAskill to do something about this? The sooner he's got rid of and replaced with someone competent and knowledgable like Angela Constance, the better.

But that's for a later post.

I found what I was looking for and clicked on the link. Immediately, a pop up window came up reminding me about the Scottish Government consultation on the independence referendum which closes on 11 May and giving me a link to it so I could do it there and then.

A brief look round the Scottish Government website shows that there is little chance of escape from the consultation. It appears to be the only thing being consulted on at the moment, which I find unusual.

It's clearly the SNP's biggest priority, but extra resources must have gone in to trying to get a response to this consultation. And, so far, with all that effort, with just 2 weeks to go, they've only had "over 10,000 responses." The SNP has more members than that! And there were pushing 50,000 for the Equal Marriage consultation.

I will be responding because I want to make sure that my views, which are clearly  not going to be in accordance with the Scottish Government's on several major issues, namely question and votes for 16 and 17 year olds, are taken into consideration.

I just found it distasteful to have the consultation thrust in my face quite so brazenly when I was looking for something else when I've never had that for any other consultation.

I don't mind them bringing in one of their key manifesto pledges but I do object when it seems to be at the expense of everything else, especially a crucial humanitarian issue.

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