Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How Vince avoided Murdoch - an example of appropriate ministerial behaviour

Today's Guardian carries a report by Patrick Wintour which shows the frustrations of the News Corporation camp as they tried and failed to develop the same sort of close relationship with Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable as they had with Jeremy Hunt and Alex Salmond.

The article outlines several fruitless attempts from senior figures within News Corporation to arrange a meeting with Cable to discuss their proposed takeover of BSkyB. Vince at that time had quasi-judicial responsibility for that decision.

My favourite part of the article is the response of Giles Wilkes, Vince's Special Adviser, on being asked "when would be good for you?" for a meeting.
"Let us assume it is when a Google of Vince Cable, News International and Sky does not turn anything up. I am sure we are both interested in staying within the proper bounds of conduct."
Compare and contrast to Alex Salmond's adviser who was apparently telling Murdoch's Head of Public Affairs that "he (Salmond) will call Hunt whenever we need him to".

You can read the article in full here.

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Don McC said...

Caron, Vince's behavious was so NOT an example of appropriate ministerial behaviour that it can be argued his actions put Hunt in the position it did, trying to repair the damage caused by Vince.

And, I take it you never read any of Murdoch's testimony to the enquiry? It puts a whole new slant on the relationship between NI, Salmond and the Scottish Lib Dems. I doubt very much Rennie will raise the issue at FMQs tomorrow.


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