Sunday, April 22, 2012

Support Austin Rathe and Graeme Littlejohn in the London Marathon

If you're a Liberal Democrat who's been elected to anything in the last few years, chances are that you'll owe something to the efforts of either Austin Rathe or Graeme Littlejohn. Austin works in the Campaigns Department at Lib Dem HQ in London and Graeme is the Scottish Party's Director of Communications.

Today, we can give them something back in return for their unfailing hard work for us. At the moment, they'll both be shivering nervously in Blackheath awaiting the start of the London Marathon.

Both are aiming to raise £2000 for causes very close to their, and our, hearts. Graeme's father passed away in 2010 and he's running in his memory to raise funds for Alzheimer Scotland. Austin is racing for the British Heart Foundation in memory of our friend Andrew Reeves who so suddenly died last June.

As I write,both are slightly short of their target. Graeme has £35.42 to go and Austin £285. Surely to goodness the combined forces of Liberal Democrats across the country can raise at least another £320 to get them both over their targets. It's the very least we can do to these hard working individuals who, in their spare time, act to help others.

It's not just the four or so hours today. It's the months of gruelling training in horrendous weather leading up to it. It's the pain, the determination that they've put themselves through that we should all recognise - and all of this at the same time as working horrendous hours for the party.

Now is the time to back our boys.

Sponsor Austin. Sponsor Graeme. Do it now and let them get a nice surprise when they cross the finish line.

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