Monday, April 30, 2012

About: Iris Walker

Iris Walker came to the first training session we had for Council candidates last Summer and I immediately thought she was brilliant. Full of enthusiasm, keen to learn and put into practice what she was told and totally embedded in her local community in Westhill, Aberdeenshire, she's a dream candidate. She, along with people like William Sell from Aberdeen, Allan MacBain and Nicola Prigg from Ayrshire, George Boyd in Midlothian, Kate Stephen from Inverness and Craig Duncan in Dundee, is part of an impressive new generation of talented people who will hopefully be Liberal Democrat Councillors come Friday lunchtime.

Iris is from Elrick, Aberdeenshire and is closely involved in her community council, as well as being active in the CAB and a local housing association. It was on housing that she made her first speech at Conference in Inverness earlier this year - and a passionate, eloquent and moving speech it was. 

You can see from Iris' Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as her blog, that she has a very intuitive grasp of what people are interested in and she is genuinely looking for people's views on local issues - for her it's all about a dialogue, not a broadcast, between her and local people. 

On the Aberdeenshire Lib Dems' website, she talks about her vision:
 "Local-led groups provide the 'social glue' that shapes the day-to-day life of a community and councils must work with them as equal partners, ensuring decision-making is made at a local level. If elected, my priorities would be to support, and promote inclusion of and co-operation with local groups, individuals and businesses. Also I want to push for more affordable housing for local people, and to rid our towns and countryside of the eyesore of litter pollution that has become all too prevalent"
If you live in the Westhill area, please go and give Iris your first preference this Thursday. 

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