Monday, April 16, 2012

Willie Rennie talks sense on bus services - Sunday Politics

Willie Rennie appeared on yesterday's Sunday Politics along with SNP minister Alex Neil and Labour's finance spokesman Richard Baker to talk about SNP cuts in grants to bus companies which have led to job losses, service reductions and what Willie described as "chaos".

Willie calmly outlined to the minister how he could reverse the cuts by using consequentials from the Budget. He also suggested that we need to look again at whether we can afford free bus travel for every 60 year old and whether we should roll this back to 65.

So, he made two sensible suggestions about how this could be sorted. He also pointed out that in England, the process had been carried out by means of a consultation and the changes were not implemented for 18 months, giving bus companies time to adjust. In contrast the SNP have charged ahead, giving them only 3 months' notice.

Alex Neil just didn't listen and nor did he respond to the sensible suggestions Willie put to him. It was typical SNP bluster. I wonder when he last took the bus anywhere.

Richard Baker was all over the place. It was like his muck up on knife crime all over again.

You can watch the item here. 

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