Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ferrari's woes continue at Spanish GP Qualifying

My love for the Ferrari formula 1 team knows no bounds in good times and in bad and that isn't about to change, despite Eddie Jordan saying that fans will be turned away from the team after another qualifying disaster.

However, I did have to wonder if they had been taking advice from the UK Labour Party's strategy team today. I can live with the car being not that great - let's face it, the team is rebuilding after the departures of Todt, Schumacher and Brawn, but I find the stupidity of keeping Raikonnen in the garage in Q1 and not making sure he stayed in the top 15 just unbelievable.

For the first time this season they turned up at a circuit with a car capable of being up there with the best. Massa ended up in 4th. If Raikonnen had stayed in the game, he may have done even better.

I don't think they quite get not being in the top flight. They think that they are automatically going to be in at least Q2 so they don't have to bother. They have no right to think that after a similar disaster with Massa earlier in the season. They're going to have to lose that expectation and pretend they are a new team.

However, I can jump up and down with excitement that Massa made it into the top 4 so there is definitely potential there for the rest of the season.

These qualifying sessions are not good for the blood pressure but they are very, very exciting. Great to see Jenson on pole and let's hope that he carries on the tradition of the pole sitter winning. I can barely believe it's possible, but hope so. I will probably be watching the race tomorrow from behind a pillow.

And finally, how lovely is Sebastian Vettel? Every time he's interviewed he thanks the team, who always seem to have been up all night tinkering with the car.

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