Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Immaculate Infection.

How on earth have I managed to contract an ear infection when I have been stuck at home with Glandular Fever for weeks and nobody, not even my husband, will come within 6 feet of me for fear of catching what I've got?

This particular bug seems to be called a "Yuck". At least that's what the GP said when she looked into my ear.

Oh well, more antibiotics for me. I am one of these very pathetic souls who can't swallow tablets, so I have foul tasting medicine. My daughter hasn't had antibiotics very often in her life but she had this one, which is an in your face, take no prisoners yellow. My husband told her it was made of crushed up caterpillars, which didn't exactly inspire her to take it. I think that's a very accurate guess at the taste though. It says it's banana flavoured, but if I bought a banana that tasted like that, I'd have the trading standards people round to investigate it.

I shouldn't complain, because there are many people with things far worse wrong with them and I know that I will get better in time. There is something deeply frustrating about being stuck at home during an election, though. Every instinct screams at me that I should be out on the streets delivering or canvassing and not stuck in here typing to distract myself from the sore ears, or not having the energy to do anything much.

One of the characteristics of the Glandular Fever is that I seem to feel that I'm getting better and then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I'm floored and back to square one. I am definitely improving and over the last couple of weeks sense that I have entered the recovery rather than being ill phase - I feel that I'm walking very slowly uphill rather than stuck at the bottom of a steep cliff. I now no longer spend several hours in the middle of every day asleep. I'm trying to strike a balance between not overdoing it but constantly trying to push the boundaries of what I can do. I still tire very easily, though, and I have to be quite careful at pacing myself.

From what I have managed to glean from the internet and from people who have had Glandular Fever, my experience is fairly typical. Trust me to catch a young person's disease in my 40s, though. I am tempted to try some of the hippy, new agey things that I've been so sceptical of in the past to see if they make any difference.

I have said before that I have the best friends in the World - and that has certainly been true. They might not come near me so often, but they look after me via the interwebby thing and keep me relatively sane and cheerful. I have no idea how I would survive without them, so thanks, all.

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