Saturday, May 02, 2009

Where Tom Harris meets Norman Tebbit

Tom Harris made this this posting about advertising on his blog.

I've made wry observations about ads posted on his blog before, from caviar to energy companies, several weeks ahead of the Sunday Times mentioned them in their Atticus column.

The rather ironic pick of today's bunch were an ad for May's Total Politics containing an interview with Norman "on your bike" Tebbit and one for a job search website. Given Labour's mishandling of the economy, leading to a 70% rise in Fife's unemployment for example, are there actually any jobs left to find?

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subrosa said...

Oh dear Caron, I broke one of my own rules and looked at his site :)

Never mind, but it wasn't worth it!

Unknown said...

I completely apologise for inciting you to do so and hope you have completely recovered.

I just find the irony in his ad choices quite amusing, sometimes. Maybe it's the Glandular Fever....


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