Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nick Clegg's Performance Rating Soars

Nick Clegg's approval rating is on the brink of overtaking a flatlining David Cameron according to this.

Poor old Gordon Brown, though - we'd better send a diving bell for him as he languishes with an eye-wateringly low rating of -45. This man has such a rollercoaster ride as PM. He was feted on taking office as the decent, honest one after 10 years of the smarmy, insincere Blair. A few months later it all started to fall apart when he bottled the election that never was. He then had a few months of relative popularity as the global economy fell to bits, but now he appears to be in complete freefall. Only Michael Martin seems to be less popular than him at the moment. In some ways it's a shame, because he might be complex and dour, but he's not a bad man. His advisers should hang their heads in shame. If any politican I was working for produced that You Tube performance, I would have told them in no uncertain terms that it wasn't going up, and if that didn't work, all copies of it would have suffered some calamitous "accident".

I always thought that the more people saw of Nick, the more they would like him. He's been getting a lot of coverage lately and has come across as straight talking, credible and likeable. I think people are realising too that he talks sense on the issues of the day and that he keeps to his word. I wonder if the Gurkha who handed Nick back his medal and asked him to give it back realised how hard that Nick would work to achieve justice and fair treatment for the Gurkhas.

He's taken the right line on ID cards, Gaza, surveillance, the Gurkhas and has talked sense on expenses. The Party generally is getting it right on lots of things at the moment and I'm particularly taken with our new tax policy that would take the poorest out of tax altogether and give basic rate taxpayers an average of £700 more in their pockets. It's easily articulated and understood and would make a real difference to people.

I'm looking forward to hearing what he has to say during the rest of the Euro Campaign. Watch out for him on Andrew Marr this Sunday.

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