Sunday, May 24, 2009

Magical in Monaco - another Brawn Double

It's another milestone for this blog - 600 posts - and how good to mark it by commenting on yet another fantastic result for Brawn in the Monaco Grand Prix. Jenson Button confirmed his stamp on the championship leaderboard by not putting a foot wrong and led virtually all the way apart from a couple of laps after his second stop when he was in a bit of a Ferrari sandwich.

To my mind, the man of the day was Rubens Barrichello, who shot past Raikonnen at the start without coming a cropper himself and held on even when his tyres were completely goosed earlier than expected in the first stint. Sebastian Vettel suffered the same problem and it cost him much more time and track position.

If the penny didn't drop after seeing his 10 year partnership with Schumacher, we now know beyond doubt that Ross Brawn is a total genius, possibly the best strategist and designer the sport has ever known. If any of the Lib Dems read my F1 stuff, imagine The Almighty Vince Cable and James Carville rolled into one and you're some way to getting the imapct this man has on the sport - except Brawn doesn't have the more mercurial elements of Carville's personality.

It was a good afternoon for Ferrari, finishing 3rd and 4th and getting some decent points for a change, overtaking McLaren to get into 4th in the Constructors' Championship.

I'm not quite sure what McLaren thought they were playing at by putting Lewis Hamilton, starting at the back of the grid due to a gearbox change, out on light fuel and a 2 stop strategy which could only have worked if he'd managed to overtake half the field off the start.

Brawn proved they were good for entertainment as well at the end, when Jenson seemed to forget that he was supposed to drive his car back on to the grid. Instead he turned into the pit lane and ended up having to run, yes, run, half a kilometre up the road after 2 hours' intense concentration in a searingly hot F1 car, to the stand to get his presentation.

And just as an aside, someone found this blog by typing Lee McKenzie sexy voice into Google so the BBC's pit lane reporter has some admirers.....

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