Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Little Bit of Cable and Brawn Love

I haven't paid much attention to Liberal Vision so far, but I think I might start.

First, they come up with a post that compares the way Ross Brawn seized the day to form his new Formula 1 team and come from nowhere to dominate the sport in less than 3 months to the opportunity that awaits the Liberal Democrats to make a huge breakthrough as the force for radical political reform. I'm not over keen on the analogy between my beloved Ferrari and the tired, out of touch, on its knees Labour Government, but I'll let that pass for the moment.

Everyone's going on about UKIP and the BNP being the likely beneficiaries of desire for change. We don't actually have to look very far back in the history books to see where a positive, energetic force for change can win through after a period of thoroughly bad government. Anyone remember that nice Mr Obama who was elected just over 6 months ago? Who'd have thunk it possible just 18 months ago that he'd have won the Democratic nomination, let alone the presidency itself. Capturing the public mood is essential. Cameron is talking the talk, but Clegg, Cable et al walk the walk - and in fact, the path is well worn because we've been on it for a long time.

The old forces have had a blow, but they are only lightly stunned. It's important that we quickly show ourselves to be ready, willing and able to take up the challenge so that we don't miss the opportunity for reform.

Now the clever Liberal Vision people have produced an absolutely brilliant tribute to The Almighty Vince, who is in many ways our Ross Brawn equivalent, showing off his best bits including his quickstep with Alesha Dixon. It will make you go all warm and fuzzy all over.

LibDig This!

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