Thursday, May 07, 2009

How to kick someone when they are down.....

I would love to be in Barcelona with a press pass to cover the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend, believe me, but I'm not, so I have to rely on former ITV commentator James Allen's excellent blog for all the craic from the circuit. He did not disappoint yesterday, with this account of the drivers' press conference where Fernando Alonso had a good pop at Lewis Hamilton.

Alonso and Hamilton were not what you would call best buddies when they were team mates at McLaren, so it was somewhat surprising when Alonso alluded positively to that time. However, he was just lulling Hamilton into a false sense of security for then he struck his killer blow...

“Lewis has always been a great driver, a great champion. To help his reputation, which is damaged now, will be very easy, if he keeps winning he will make people happy, his supporters and that is a very important thing.”

Now, Alonso seems to be able to squeeze every last drop of speed out of an average car, contrasting with Hamilton's patchy performances so far in a pretty rubbish car. If winning is what Hamilton needs to do consistently to rehabilitate his reputation, that's likely to be a long time coming......

By the way, I do like this less swarthy, cleaner shaven, less grumpy Fernando Alonso who's around this season.

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