Friday, May 01, 2009

Oppose Irish Blasphemy Law on Twitter and Facebook

In response to a comment on this post, I had a brief scout round the internet to see if I could find any evidence of an organised campaign against the proposed new blasphemy law. I couldn't find anything much on the "old" internet but was encouraged to see that in all the letters published today in the Irish Times, not one was in favour of the new law. In fact, some were suggesting that it made a good smokescreen from the unemployment figures. You would certainly have thought that the Irish Government had bigger battles to fight at the moment as their economy is even more screwed than our's.

However, a trawl round Facebook and Twitter did not disappoint. There's a Facebook group opposed to the law called Blasphemy Ireland . UPDATE 5.5.09 Have now found another group which has not that far off 2000 members as I type.

How fortunate that They Work For You have just started a new site for Ireland - thanks to Mark Pack for pointing that out a few days ago on Lib Dem Voice.

On Twitter there's a developing discussion under #dailfreedomfail

Let's hope that the Irish Government can be persuaded to think again and that freedom of speech can be preserved.

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