Thursday, July 29, 2010

+++ Breaking News: Early Learning Centre removes sexist language from website

My laptop has been taken over by 11 year olds but I've just checked my e-mail & found a message from the Early Learning Centre in response to the complaint I sent them on Tuesday night regarding the way their dressing up outfits were marketed, specifying, among other things, that nurses' outfits were for girls & doctors' outfits for boys.

They have removed that language.

I'm speechless but thrilled that they have acted so quickly. I only boosted the signal raised by Jennie & others, as did Stephen.

I know that ELC received several complaints as a result of my post alone so their customer services Department must have been busy. Credit to them for taking such decisive action so quickly.

I'll update more fully when I can get back on the laptop. Thanks to all who raised this with ELC.

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