Thursday, July 01, 2010

It's the Summer Holidays!

Anna is now on holiday for the next 7 weeks! It was great to turn off the alarm clock so that we didn't have to get up at 7:20. Neither of us really like these early mornings and I'm looking forward to having some lie-ins.

Typically, though, after weeks of gorgeous sunshine, today it's tipping it down with rain. I hope this isn't going to continue until 18th August. In some ways it would be better if we structured our school year so that the Summer holidays were in May and June, cos that's when we get the best of the weather up here.

Anna came home yesterday clutching a Head Teacher's Award for "Effort in class work in P6". Only one child from each class was given one so I had to share that proud mummy moment with you.

Plans for our holidays include, later on, a week away in a lovely cottage near Inverness, a trip to Newcastle next week for the Doctor Who exhibition which I was too sick to take her to see when it was in Glasgow, going to see Eclipse when it comes out next week, a week at a drama course, catching up with friends (that'll be you, Alex, Pippa and Louise) and lots of chilling and having fun.

In other exciting news, our tickets for Doctor Who Live in Glasgow in October arrived the other day.

Can you tell we're a bit partial to Doctor Who in this house?

Anyway, I hope we get to have a lovely, relaxed, chilled Summer.

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