Friday, July 02, 2010

Caron's Statporn - June 2010

One of the biggest surprises about this month was that the high I'd reached in May was almost maintained, with only 114 fewer absolute unique visitors despite 13 fewer posts and the election being over. In June, 5154 people visited my blog so thanks to all of you. That doesn't count the people who read it on RSS feeds and the increasing number who read it via Facebook.

Part of that was due to one particular post - my review of the Doctor Who episode the Pandorica Opens which by some margin was the top story of the last month.

The rest of the top 10 is as follows:

2. My wee spat with Tom Harris MP

3. The one about Lewis Hamilton's earrings. Again. Move along, there is nothing to see. Read some of my cutting edge political stuff instead, for goodness sake.

4. My view of Mr McAveety's troubles.

5. Why some women have real reason to fear the World Cup

6. The one when Jo Swinson and Duncan got engaged. Awwww!

7. Genesis of the Daleks Revisited

8. Value Added Fairness from the Liberal Democrats to counter VAT rise

9. Take that, Gina Ford. A tale of parenting by instinct.

10.Danny Alexander Rocks the Commons over Labour's "inheritance tax"

I'm glad my blog was a port of call for the person searching the internet for hallucinogenic lipstick. Please let me know if you find some.

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