Sunday, June 20, 2010

What would you do with hallucinogenic lipstick?

River Song used hallucinogenic lipstick twice in last night's Doctor Who episode - once to get out of Space Nick and the other to convince the Romans who weren't really Romans that she was Cleopatra.

In the interests of frivolity, what would you do if you had some?

And if that isn't enough fun for one day, my friend Naome gave out the impossible dilemma on Twitter the other day.

Shag, marry, chuck off a cliff: David Tennant, Matt Smith, Chris Eccleston??

I mean, that's really not fair. For me it was Dave over the cliff, despite the fact that I thought he was the best Doctor since Tom Baker, and I suspect it'll be the same for Jennie but for different reasons. Naome wouldn't have been too happy at the thought of anyone else marrying him, and I reckoned she'd be at the bottom of the cliff to catch him:-). I chose Matt instead to marry..........for which I'd probably need some of that lipstick....


Jennie said...

Bag Smith, shag Ecclescake, crag Tennant.

If I had hallucinogenic lipstick... Well, I couldn't possibly say. But it'd probably be rude. I do wonder how she got hold of an hallucinogen that works on autons though.

BadWolf said...

Shag Chris, Marry Tennant, and chuck Matt off a cliff :P

With hallucinogenic lipstick...I'd have a bloody lot of fun. Use it to avoid homework assignments, go on some psychedelic trips.. ;]


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