Thursday, June 24, 2010

Caron's Corkers - 24th June

What a week it's been! This Summer is a frenzy of competitive and political activity.

Here's my pick of the blogosphere in the last few days.

Meemalee describes her participation in a Masterchef competition at the BBC Good Food Show in hilariously irreverent style.

Kavey goes foraging.

Stephen might just be a tiny little bit happy that France are out of the World Cup.

Bellgrove Belle reports an amusing David Miliband campaign blunder.

Paul Edie highlights a new mental health service opening in Edinburgh

For Doctor Who fans who don't mind the saltiest possible language, the Eleventh Hour podcast which I've recently discovered, is unmissable. Utterly childish in places, but hilarious, this one on the fabulous episode Vincent and the Doctor is two and a half hours long. Phew. It liberally features the awesome Jennie and the wonderful elephant. But if you are easily offended, I would strongly advise you steer clear. It has the feel of being slightly less sedate than an audio version of Mr Eugenides' blog, if that's any help.

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