Monday, June 07, 2010

Posh and a Lib Dem? Surely not!

On Friday, the Daily Mail, with its usual talent for profound social commentary, published a quiz which proclaimed whether you were posh or not. Apparently you only had to score 3 to consider yourself posh. Well, I, much to my disgust, got 5, or maybe even 6 if you consider that I quite often buy £10 bottles of wine when they're on offer much cheaper....

I'm not sure that my talking about where I went to school (Bishop Eden's Primary School in Inverness and Wick High School, seeing as you asked), drinking Earl Grey, doing the cheek kissing thing, although I actually prefer a hug, eating hummus and knowing what Prosecco (which anyone who'd ever watched Nigella would be aware of) constitutes poshness, but this is the Daily Mail, I guess.

Not to be outdone, Liberal Democrat Voice decided to do a similar quiz on how Lib Dem you are. Their definitions were a bit sappy, to be honest (although I did get 11.5 out of 13, failing on the fact that the dogs have never actually got their teeth into me as I'm usually too chicken to put the leaflet through if I detect they are there, but I have been chased out of a fair few gardens in my time, hence the 0.5), and leaflet delivery being a competitive sport, cos I'm just not fast enough.

Jennie did much better with her version though. I only scored 10 out of 13 on this one, not having a beard, special dietary requirements (unless more chocolate, please counts) or a penchant for yoghurt weaving, although my hippy child rearing practices might count for that. Make that 11, then.

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