Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup: Spoilt England players need to get a grip

I know I'm stepping into dangerous territory trying to write about football, but my excuse is that this is more about people than the actual game. I'm watching in horror as I see John Terry, a man sacked as England captain several months ago, talk to the press about how the England players are having a clear the air meeting with manager Fabio Capello.

His assertion that the squad was behind the manager was qualified by a comment that:

"Everyone needs to get off their chest exactly how they're feeling. If it upsets him [Capello], or it upsets any player, then so be it,"

That's all a bit "I'm not sexist/racist/unkind but...." to me.

What right does Terry have to suddenly become the spokesperson of the squad anyway?

When I see England players like Wayne Rooney and John Terry either criticising the fans or whinging about how bored they are, it makes me think that they deserve their backsides to be skelped from here to kingdom come. I'm not usually an advocate of violence of any sort, but this might be the exception that proves my rule.

I mean, come on, do they really expect us to have sympathy with this?

"I'm not going to lie. We are in the hotel, we finish training, we have lunch at one o'clock and then we have got a few hours to spare.

"There are things like mini darts tournaments, snooker and pool. There is a bit of boredom that kicks in. There are six or seven hours until we meet up for dinner and there are times as a group of players we need to get together – and none more so than now."

I can suggest a few things that these over-pampered, over-privileged self important multi millionaires could do to pass the time of day.

* They could get out and volunteer for the day in one of the programmes to help the people in South Africa who live in terrible poverty. Maybe seeing that people don't have the basics we take for granted might give them a sense of perspective.

* They could do old fashioned stuff like mug up on their opponents and work out how best to beat them.

* They could get off their arses and go and meet some of the fans that have spent thousands to travel to South Africa to support them, and who have had a pretty dismal return for their money so far.

* They could find something or someone from the reams of footballing history to inspire them.

When I've seen the England team play on the field, they just look like they can't be bothered. There is no hunger and no passion. For heavens' sake, this is the World Cup, the pinnacle of the sport. They should feel honoured to be there, representing their country. Is that not enough of a buzz for them?

If this lot get knocked out on Wednesday, as, on current form, they frankly deserve, David Cameron shouldn't be welcoming them into Number 10. There should be no open top bus tours. They do not deserve to be feted in any way. In fact, David Cameron should actually say that. People like John Terry and Wayne Rooney should not be called up to play for England again until they can learn a bit of humility.

The middle of the tournament is not a good time or place for the players to be having a complete meltdown. If they have a problem with what's going on behind closed doors, they should keep their heads in the game, do the job they're being paid to do and stop whinging.

I have to say that if Fabio Capello is throwing things round the dressing room in despair at his players' nonchalance, I can sympathise with how he's feeling. I think I might do the same.

And the French are just as bad. Imagine refusing to train during the biggest tournament cos your mate has been sent home in disgrace for cheeking the manager in public.

Some people just don't know they're born.

These pampered players are a shocking role model for the young players of tomorrow and they should just get a grip and get on with playing the World class football they are more than capable of.


MekQuarrie said...

These are all good points Caron. Not sure I agree entirely with everything you wrote, but it wouldn't hurt for Jimmy Greaves to turn up, grip them by the ear and say "Now lads...".

Anonymous said...

These players appear to be a lot of spoiled, grossly overpaid superbrats. With apologies to John MacEnroe about whom the term 'superbrat' was frequently used. Whatever his behaviour - I don't recall him ever showing a lack of commitment.

I am given to understand (I'm not watching the tournament) that most of the England team play in premier league teams which consist mostly of overseas players. Could it be that these overseas players are helping to make the one or two English players in the team look better than they really are?


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