Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Labour's wonky moral compass

What is it with the Labour Party?

You can lead the country into an illegal war which is opposed by millions and when you eventually stand down, you get a standing ovation in the House of Commons.

You can send troops into battle without the correct equipment and not resign from the Government for your incompetence.

You can preside over the creation of a benefits system which is not fit for purpose and widens the gap between rich and poor and not resign from the Government.

You can create an over complicated tax credit system which causes misery for millions and not resign from the Government.

You get caught on microphone admiring a spectator in the public gallery, an admittedly idiotic gaffe, and quit your position as chair of a committee and shadow cabinet position the very next day.

Definitely one for the "funny old world" file.


JohnM said...

funny, minor indiscretion!

redarsedbaboon said...

"Illegal" and "I didn't like it" are not the same thing. Kindly say the one you mean, rather than the one you think sounds better. And if the fact that it was opposed by millions is meant to be somehow significant, good luck in government – you'll find that most of what you do is opposed by millions. So 2 million marched against Iraq? What about the 58 million who didn't? Or do only shouty people count? Were you proud to march with the MAB?

You're one of the best players of One Degree Of Iraq I've ever seen. Still, New Politics, eh?


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