Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Bob!

Today is my lovely, longsuffering husband's birthday. It's also now exactly (at around 5 ish tonight) 23 years since we met.

I think the best present he could get today would be some relief from the Hay Fever which is at its peak at the moment. On Saturday morning while Anna was at Drama, he went on his usual Saturday morning walk. It's the same walk that he does every week and he takes photos and posts them on Facebook. It's lovely because you can see the scenery through the seasons. He knows that there are trees and grasses on this walk, but he did it anyway and has suffered really badly ever since. His eyes are so red he could be mistaken for a vampire.

Because he leaves for work very early, he's not going to get his presents from us until later, so I can't tell you what they are, but he took great pleasure in spending his present from my sister on what he said was some very very weird music. In the scheme of things it wasn't that bad - and I listened to it without the "benefit" of alcohol.

Here's hoping for a sneeze free, streaming eyes free, happy birthday for Bob.

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Keith Legg said...

Get him a pair of wrap-around sunglasses. They're really effective (on top of the antihistamines) for keeping out the pollen - you just have to accept looking 'cool' on a cloudy day!


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