Friday, June 18, 2010

Anna's School Sports

We're just back from Anna's school sports. It is the first time Bob's been able to get time off for them. His presence really seems to have spurred her on, because out of 4 races, running, egg and spoon, skipping and sack, she made the final 3 times, won the egg and spoon and came third in the skipping. By some margin her best performance ever.

Her class also won the relay race, which was hotly contested with the other P6 class.

She had a real glint of determination in her eye, too. I had said last night that she wasn't particularly competitive. I didn't mean it badly, but in previous years she's been very laid back about the whole thing. Anyway, my comment seems to have ignited something and she put me well and truly in my place.

I'm chuffed to bits for her. No doubt there will be some sort of treat for her later.

You'll not believe the next thing I'm about to tell you. You would think that someone in my precarious state of health and fitness would have more sense than to take part in the mothers' race. Anna was desperate for me to do it though, despite my warnings that I would come last by a long way. So, I pretended I was fit and lined up with the yummy mummies. I didn't need to be clairvoyant to know I would come last and in fact, although I did complete the race, I walked for most of it. I just hope I didn't embarrass her too much. I feel absolutely physically knackered now, but I guess it's progress in that I couldn't even have contemplated doing that last year.

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Karen said...

Hi Caron, I'm such a slob that I had free range mice as pets at a previous address - but unlike you I quite like them - anything with paws and fur makes it into my like list. Hate to tell you though that if the beastie was looking that tame he'd probably already invited the neighbourhood round..... PS Your blog about Annas sports day brought on an attack of nostalgia - I've always been really crap at sports, but in primary school I was tall ( others have overtaken me) In p7 I won the wheelbarrow race by judicious picking of a little thin girl as the barrow, who obligingly just skimmed the grass with her fingers while I cantered home a clear winner. Yay! remains to this day my one & only sporting triumph! Sorry I've just got the order of these two blogs backwards


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