Monday, June 14, 2010

Caron's Corkers - 14th June

There's been some good stuff around the blogosphere recently - I haven't done a round up for a while, so here's what you've been missing:

In 2008, Mat Follas won Masterchef with an inventive menu of foods he'd foraged for himeslf. He now has a restaurant called the Wild Garlic in Dorset. Kavey has reviewed it. I want to go there.........

I have been meaning to link to Cllr Iain Roberts for some time because his assiduous work in collating all the local election results in Stockport in history has to be acknowledged somewhere. He's got to 1980 so far and the Liberals aren't doing too well. I'm looking forward to the next couple of instalments so we can see if the Alliance makes a difference. I'm kind of glad we know that this story has a much happier present though, otherwise I would probably cry! I like the fact that he's putting in the results in full. The people who stood for election then provided the foundations for the success of the party now. If you look back when BBC Parliament shows the election results from the year dot, you'll always see that the Liberal Democrats performed strongly in places like Hazel Grove, East Dunbartonshire, Devon and Cornwall - areas where we have parliamentary representation now. It's nice to see the people who helped build the party acknowledged.

Andrew remembers his much loved friend and colleague, Belinda Eyre-Brook.

I don't often agree with Mr Eugenides, but I have some sympathy for his argument that in a time when we need to be careful with our national pennies, the National Play Strategy might be something that we don't really need. I'm struggling to find to find a piece to quote, as there are lots of very, very bad swear words in it, but I'd much rather specific projects in sport and the arts are retained because they seem to have a lot more use.

Can any keen gardeners help Sarah with her vegetable problems?

James Graham on David Willetts' ridiculous comments on tuition fees.

Rather than watch the football, Jennie finds a lovely classic car to sit in.

That's all for now.

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