Saturday, June 05, 2010

Happy Birthday, Anna

Today is Anna"s 11th birthday. I can"t believe I"m awake at this ridiculous hour. It"s a bit like the day she was born, when we finally got up to the ward at 5 am or so. I had been awake for some 26 hours at that point so you would think I'd want to sleep, but all I could do was look at my gorgeous little baby in wonder, gratitude and astonishment. Those feelings haven't diminished one bit in 11 years.

As I watch her sleep now, I have 11 years of amazing memories to make me smile. Obviously she's gone through many different phases. So often I've thought that motherhood couldn't possibly get any better but it always does.

This year has seen her become more of a Doctor Who geek, enjoy the Twilight books, develop a flair for making videos and take up two new interests, Judo and Drama, both of which she loves. She's still also involved in the local youth choir. Unfortunately, today's going to be a day of work for her as she has a drama dress rehearsal immediately followed by two choir concerts. We're going out for dinner afterwards so we won't see Doctor Who till later.

Stephen came over last night and gave her the K9 box set which includes the very first K9 story ever & K9 & Company which was a much inferior forerunner to the Sarah Jane Adventures, but it has K9 and Sarah Jane in it so I watched it regardless.

I should also say Happy Birthday to Stephen's mum who is celebrating today too.

As for Anna, I hope she likes the presents we've given her. She has everything she asked for & a little bit more.

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Paul Walter said...

A beautiful post Caron.

meemalee said...

Lovely post, Caron!

Please could I have a cardboard cutout of the Tenth Doctor for my next birthday btw? :)


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