Thursday, June 17, 2010

There's a moose loose aboot ma hoose!

This is absolutely the life! I am lying out in the beautiful warm sunshine. The rabbits are in their run next to me. Everything is lovely and peaceful except...

.....there is an intruder in my conservatory. Bob saw him this morning. There he was, brazen as you like, sitting on the sofa, feasting on the rabbits' chocolate treats.

Thankfully he has been confined to the conservatory and humane traps have now been set. The door to the garden has been open all day so he may already have gone. Either that or he's texted his mates and invited them round for a party.

When I came down, after Bob had left for work, the cheeky little thing was sitting there with one paw on the doorstep, cockily staring at me, as if he was daring me to come in & let him out. I really don't like rodents. It wasn't hard to learn to love our hamsters but this thing is just mean looking. And it had a really thin and particularly nasty looking tail.

Anna is utterly disgusted with me for the way in which my heart is so set against things which slither along the ground on their bellies and rodents with tails. Having said that, when I was in B & Q looking at the shelves of mouse killer in various forms, I knew fine I couldn't actually do anything to hurt it even if Anna would allow it. Sometimes I am too soft hearted for my own good!

Anyway, I hope I will soon be able to report that it has been set free in a forest far far away.

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