Friday, July 09, 2010

Vamos España - I finally wake up to the World Cup!

I love Spain. I particularly love Mallorca where I've spent 13 holidays in the last 20 years. It's a beautiful, friendly island with gorgeous beaches, stunning mountain scenery. Even after all this time we find out something new we like about it every single time we go there. We also have a growing list of things we have to sample every time - horchata de almendra, the liquid marzipan milkshake traditional to Valldemossa, the delicious home made ice cream in Soller - the orange flavour is a thing of pure heaven, the rich hot chocolate you can almost stand a spoon up in,

We were there during the last World Cup and the atmosphere when Spain were playing was absolutely brilliant. They are incredibly passionate about their football. I'm gutted we aren't there this year to share the final with them but I shall be thinking of the many Spanish friends we've made over the years on Sunday night and hope that their team comes through for them and takes the trophy home.

Just out of interest, I had no idea how to put the tilde above the in in España in Blogger so I looked up Google. You go to the Windows Start menu (if like me you aren't lucky enough to have a Mac), choose run and then enter charmap. This gives you a list of characters to choose from with all sorts of accents, umlauts and the like. You just copy and paste the one you want. You probably knew that anyway, but if you didn't, I hope that was helpful.

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Oldrightie said...

My goodness, I'm smitten by a LibDem! Still we are in coalition!


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