Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My Top Ten Posts of January 2011

At one point I got into the habit of posting some interesting "statporn" every month, gleaned from Google Analytics. Unfortunately, for some reason, it hasn't worked since I changed the template of the blog last Summer. That's also when my LibDig thingy and Tweetmeme thingy disappeared and I am too technically stupid to work out how to replace them. Perhaps a friendly geek might like to offer some practical support?

Anyway, I'm kind of reliant on Blogger's inbuilt stats thing which isn't that great. However, it does tell me that the top ten stories of the last month were as follows:

1. Daring to whisper the D Word as I see reports from Oldham East and Saddleworth

2. Violent Metaphors have no place in political debate

3. Does anyone think about the kids when tabloids print intrusive stories?

4. Things I would rather do than accept Ed Miliband's invitation to join the Labour Party

5. Scottish Tory Leader Annabel Goldie in "bullshitters" shock.

6. Why I'm not going to Oldham East and Saddleworth

7. Nick Clegg on Andrew Marr - gorging bankers, Ed's dinosaurs, VAT, Coulson and disproving prophets of doom

8. Hero of the Day - Bob Russell MP lambasts "callous cretins" who took away constituent's DLA

9. My Coaltion Reshuffle

10. Anyone care to convince me that NHS reforms are more than all kinds of scary?

1 comment:

Mark Cole said...

Yeah, blogger stats is pretty pants. Google analytics on the whole seems pretty reliable though I have my doubts at times.


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