Saturday, February 12, 2011

PAD Photos 5th - 11th February

Here are my PAD photos for this week:


A lovely night with friends Stevie and Richie in their matching tops. One was from Next, one from Primark. Can you tell which?


Bella the cutest labradoodle ever looking very sweet.


The path to school - not, to be honest, that I use it that often....


The Waverley Steps in Edinburgh close for a year for renovation and bright, sparkly escalators to be put in. A last look at them as they were.


That City Arts Centre in Edinburgh knows how to make a bit of quiche and some elderflower fizzy stuff taste good.


After the Jim Devine verdict, the BBC were reporting from the back of our local shopping centre. They were at a loose end because the BBC News Channel was a bit more interested in developments from Egypt but very kindly, Raymond Buchanan and the team allowed me to take their picture.


Look what arrived today - I never managed to see this in the cinema.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Escalators at the Waverley steps. That's all wrong, isn't it? And, in any case, how can it take a whole year?


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