Monday, February 21, 2011

The scariest thing you will ever read

I'm going to post a link to something that will upset you. There is no way you can read it and not be really distressed. It's over three weeks since I read it and it's the sort of thing that can give you nightmares.


Simply because it's one of those things that you, or someone you love, might need some day, to shock them from a dramatic course of action that may have unintended and far-reaching consequences. I hope you don't need it, but you will never forget that you read it. There may come a time when your knowledge saves a life.

It is the raw and terrifying account of how a man hanged himself in front of his family just a few weeks ago. His wife is convinced that he didn't intend to actually die, that he thought there would be time for people to rescue him, that he hadn't realised that death occurs pretty much instantly.

Lori wanted this to be shared. I feel so much for her and for her family. They will never get over losing someone they loved so much as well as the traumatic circumstances of his passing.

Her story is here.

If you are ever feeling in such distress that you are considering taking your own life, wherever you are in the world, try talking to the Befrienders outside the UK or the Samaritans in UK and Ireland. As their site says, they listen to anyone in emotional distress without judging or offering advice and will do so completely confidentially.

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