Monday, February 07, 2011

Something Eurovisiony to brighten your day: Josh and Niamh Kavanagh singing "Fairytale"

Just to brighten a very dreich, dark and dismal Monday lunchtime for you!

It was snowing when I came back from Zumba this morning. This did not please me one little bit, particularly as it was lying a little and I need to go into Edinburgh tomorrow. It had better have gone by the morning.

Anyway, first thing I saw when I checked my e-mail was that I was being followed on Twitter by @eurovisionicons who are making little avatars of this year's crop of contestants as they are announced and publishing them on their Facebook page.  They will actually be in Dusseldorf so they are probably worth a follow if you like that sort of thing.

Anyway, that e-mail reminded me that it will soon be Spring, and it won't be that long until the fantastic camp and cheesy phenomenon that is Eurovision will be here again.  The video above is last year's UK entry Josh Dubovie with last year's Irish entry Niamh Kavanagh singing Fairytale, that wonderfully catchy Norwegian winner from 2009.  Actually, it would make an excellent Zumba routine.........

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