Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Caron plays away.....

.... on Liberal Democrat Voice every Wednesday now.

They haven't quite given me the key of the door, but the boys are putting up rather well with my ditsy ways.

I had a bit of a crisis this morning, though. There I was, mid merengue in my Zumba class, and I just had this terrible panic about the Nick Clegg intiative on mental health I'd set to post while I was out. I was scared that I'd misread the Telegraph article I'd quoted and my boasting about half a million people helped should only have read 50,000. Thankfully that was not the case, but the panic I'd had about having forgotten to tag the article properly was, unfortunately, entirely justified.

I am enjoying my little bit of moonlighting - even when I suddenly remembered, too late, that my break in Liverpool took in a Wednesday when I was supposed to be running the site. Woops. Just as well I had my iPad with me. The article from Michael Moore I published that day was composed in my hotel bedroom while I was listening to streamed Beatles music.

Today's been a fantastic day - great pieces from Graeme, who writes Predictable Paradox, young Mr Potter, Tim Farron, Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore, the Hon Lady Mark and many more. Lots of controversy over internal party democracy and the independence referendum. If you haven't been there already, go and have a look.

I know that I'm just a newbie and getting used to all the buttons, knobs and twiddly bits involved  in driving such an esteemed site, but I know it takes me ages just to put one day together. A very small team used to do this unaided seven days a week. How on earth did they manage? Chocolate can only keep you going for so long.....

It's quite daunting to join such an established team, but I'm loving it. And if you are a party member and want to contribute something to my Wednesdays, just let me know.

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Unknown said...

Not that I mind in the slightest, but I can't help but wonder how long I'll be "young Mr Potter" for... ;)


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