Monday, January 30, 2012

Jo Swinson MP trains women MPs in Kurdistan, Iraq

Jo Swinson's latest video, here on You Tube, gives an insight into her recent trip to Kurdistan with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy where she helped train female MPs.

It highlights the important work of the Foundation in providing support for legislators and citizens in younger democracies, where laws we take for granted are only just being implemented.


fed up said...

Any chance of getting democracy in the UK ?
I didn't vote for the EU commissioners who give us 90% of our legislation. Rubber stamped by MEPs' using majority voting. MEPs' who no one knows or thinks worth voting for as they know they're not interested in democracy.
I'm sure this MPs' voters are thrilled that they're paying for her to go on jollies abroad while the UK is in the worst depression since the 1930's.

also fed up said...

I wonder if Jo will assure the candidates that solemn pledges pre election are nothing to worry about. Post election they can drop these if they pose an obstacle to power.
This is what a 'mature democracy' is all about. Power.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Jon Swinson and the other British MPs who went to Kurdistan. A praiseworthy initiative, helping women assert their humanity in a dangerous and backward part of the world, where women are often still treated as nothing but domestic servants and broodmares.

Paul McKeown

P.S. As to "fed up" - grow up, eh?

Billy said...

I wonder if the Iraqi government have their own 'Jim Wallace'. Poised to hinder and any attempts at full independence for Kurdistan.

It's ironic that Jo is supporting democracy in Kurdistan while we cede more and more of our democratic powers to Brussels. And unelected EU/IMF financiers are parachuted in to take control of Greece and Italy's governments.

cynicalHighlander said...

Colonialist MP trains people about democracy! Oh the irony.

wv: dicstate


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