Friday, January 06, 2012

Scottish Blogs on Wikio, or Ebuzzing or whatever it calls itself - Jan 2012

It's still just the Super Severn Scottish political blogs on Wikio as we kick of a New Year. I didn't get round to doing the list last month, so I've no real idea who was where.

Wikio, or EBuzzing as it seems to be calling itself is, if you don't know, a way of ranking blogs depending on how influential they are based on links to them and tweets. I tend to take a fairly simplistic view of their methodology. When I go up, it's great and when I go down it's rubbish. It works for me.

I'm hoping this will be the year we get Nicola Prigg on the list and Bellgrove Belle. Set in Darkness has been a bit quiet of late, but could do with being on there too.

This list trumps the Lib Dem list in one major way - I'm the only woman out of 12 on that, whereas half our Scottish blogs are written by women or have female contributors. This is a good thing.

Lallands Peat Worrier has had a healthy rise of 10 places this month - just goes to show what can happen when you reveal yourself to be more rock star than Robespierre. Subrosa, too, has had a good month, too, with the biggest rise of 15 places.

If you haven't already, register your blog here.

1. Caron's Musings (23) Up 5

2. Alex Massie (29) Up 12

3. Underdogs Bite Upwards (43) Up 1

4. Lallands Peat Worrier (50) Up 10

5. Better Nation (55) Down 4

6. A Burdz Eye View (57) Down 3

7. Subrosa (59) Up 15


Stephen Glenn said...

The super Severn is just over there *points from Bristol Airport*. Did you mean Seven?

Anonymous said...

This is the year, I hope also to be in the top 100. Also thanks for the link to my blog.
That will help me with the ranking next month and considering you are Queen of Scottish blogging and princess of LibDem blogging (this month at least or are you Queen still and Mark becomes King) then that'll put extra weight behind your link.
Just need to get more links (Think one post has got enough clicks from the LD aggregator this week to get onto the Golden Dozen, again will help)

Ellen said...

Caron, do you know if there's a general list for Scottish blogs?


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