Sunday, January 15, 2012

Girl's inspirational story gives insight into Autism

My friend Sandra shared this amazing story on Facebook.

It charts how a girl with Autism at 11 suddenly started to communicate with her parents by typing on her computer.

She's provided amazing insights as to how autism feels on the inside.

The love for her and belief in her of her parents is unconditional and so strong. They've also been able to provide her with intensive therapy from a very young age.

How many autistic kids in this country can get therapy like that, though? Parents can struggle to get even a basic education that meets their needs. This should make us think again.

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cynicalHighlander said...

This opened my eyes a few years ago and would recomend it and other videos by silentmiaow.

If You Can Do X, Why Can't You Do Y? My All-Purpose Answer.


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