Sunday, January 01, 2012

Robert Brown is standing for the Council in Rutherglen - and has discovered Twitter

Regular readers will be familiar with the fact that the author of this blog is almost as big a fan of former Glasgow MSP Robert Brown as she is of Paul McCartney and Doctor Who.

We were all devastated to lose him from Holyrood this year but it's great that he's now decided to stand to be a councillor in Rutherglen. He has huge Council experience, 15 years of it, prior to being an MSP.

He has a new website and has even joined Twitter. 

The people of Rutherglen could not wish for a better Councillor. This blog will be following his campaign very closely and we wish him well.


Anonymous said...

Thirty years ago Robert Brown was my local councillor

I followed his career as I felt leanings to the Liberal Prty at the time

When Jim Wallace sold put Party principles in 1999 the Liberals lost my support. Nothing Mr Brown has ever said or done convinces me that he is his own man, he stands by the Orange book as steadfastly as the Cable, who I do not see as avuncular as some.

I will not be voting for him in any way shape or form, or for any other Liberal

Unknown said...

Anonymous, Robert Brown, Orange Book? I think not.

And that LIberal Democrat Labour coalition you dismiss so easily made sure free uni education was preserved in Scotland, brought in free personal care and got rid of Labour's unfair stranglehold on power by introducing fair voting system for local elections.

Not bad - and much more comprehensive and meaningful changes than anything the SNP have done to date in power.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say he was an Orange booker, I says he stands by the Orange Bookers, who are your leadership, just as you do

Free Education no, deferred charges, at that point I knew Jim Wallace would do anything for a ministerial car, and it looks like the same is true of the rest of the party leadership

I don't know, Free prescription charges helps my ill wife, which she needs as you support the victimisation of the disabled that Labour and the Coalition are bent on


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