Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Independence Referendum - praise for Mike Moore

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There's a fair bit of praise out there for the Secretary of State today.
Mr Moore made a good fist of things yesterday. His tone was conciliatory, measured, reasonable and, above all, it presented what looked like a cast-iron legal case for allowing Mr Salmond to conduct a binding referendum — but only if he agrees to including only one question on the ballot paper, restricts the voting to the over-18s and allows the Electoral Commission to oversee the poll.
Alan Cochrane, Telegraph 
Given that Mr Moore has struck a measured tone and Mr Salmond is relatively conciliatory, there must be room for the two governments to negotiate. The Scottish people will expect their governments to work together to agree to the test of their opinion all are agreed will happen.
Scotsman Leader 

Michael Moore's statement to the House of Commons on the question of how a referendum on Scotland's constitutional future may be held was clear, composed, sensible and modest. In other words it was everything that the last few days have not been. The Prime Minister in particular  has not distinguished himself in recent times. Perhaps it is fairer (it is certainly kinder) to presume this was just as innocent a cock-up as any Prime Ministerial cock-up can be; regardless is was a desperate piece of floundering that made Mr Cameron look something of a chump.
Alex Massie, Spectator


Dubbieside said...

All the torys agreeing that the torys little helper in Scotland delivered the lines that the torys gave him.

Big deal.

Moore is not a politician he is a lost deposit waiting to happen.

Andrew said...

I'm very much in agreement with the Scotsman. Summed it up quite neatly. An incredible performance in the circumstances and his calm, reasoned approach the epitome of the direction I hope we can move in in regards the constituional question.

I have a lot of criticisms as to how the UK government have handled this (and, in fairness, continue to handle it) but Mike did an excellent job of picking up the pieces and recovering the situation. Perhaps Cameron and Osborne can allow him the lead in future dealings with Holyrood?

cynicalHighlander said...

UK Ministers put the Union "to the touch, to win or lose it all"?

This comment taken from elsewhere confirms that Moore is an 'Arch Unionist' hiding as a Federalist LibDem to get elected. dishonest man.

Read your link and now my blood is boiling and I’m not even Scottish. Moore and Cameron are $$b$ and ***s* underhanded devious %$£%£

Rattlin oot ma bunnet in Renton said...

I love liberty and democracy. My mum and dad moved to Scotland from England but have been bribed into independence. But what about our heritage? Mr Moore sounded a bit aggresive on the telly today. We are all British. Why can't we just live in peace for god's sake!


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