Friday, January 06, 2012

You've got to love the Lib Dem Press Office.....

....who, in response to Ed Miliband's unfortunate Twitter spelling error, tweeted

Nicely done, I thought. Let's just hope they never make any mistakes like that........

This led to the #edmilibandgameshows game on Twitter. Best I could do was Family Fortunes, The Weakest Link and Pointless.

This shouldn't detract from what prompted Ed's tweet in the first place, the sad death of Bob Holness, much beloved to most of us of a certain age for his daily game show Blockbusters. I loved it when I was a teenager. Or maybe when I was a bit older than a teenager as well. He really treated the teenagers like human beings, like grown ups and wasn't condescending like so many presenters were at that time. I loved the game as well. I always used to win, of course, but then I wasn't under pressure in the studio. It's so easy when you're sitting at home.

It's very sad to see these famous people from my youth all disappearing like this.

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Tom Barney said...

I'm sorry to hear about this. I never watched Blockbuster, but I remember when Bob Holness and Douglas Cameron presented the early morning current affairs show (AM) on LBC radio (my own teenage addiction) in London in the seventies. He had a very fine and characteristic radio voice.


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