Sunday, January 22, 2012

#PAD photos 15-21 January 2012

Anna built this virtually single handedly

Junk mail - the takeaway leaflet arrived inside the gym leaflet

Bob at his new DJ station

I was not impressed with the rather mean topping on this Morrisons pizza

More whirling dervish than puppy - Maya has a new vest

Brian Taylor at the Big Debate - but he made me sad because he wasn't wearing brightly coloured braces. I had some very negative feedback on Facebook about the fact that he's from the BBC and wasn't wearing a tie - but some people need to get a life:-)

Social Liberal Forum meeting in Glasgow

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oneexwidow said...

Ah, that Dhillon's takes me back... I used to go out with a guy who lived in Livingston and we'd often order in Dhillon's pizza. I particularly remember one which had 4 different toppings (e.g. quarters) including Kebab meat!

As for the Morrison's pizza, it doesn't look great! On the other hand, the create your own from ASDAs deli counter are pretty good.

Anyway, enough about Pizza...


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