Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Liberal anthem The Land rewritten in light of Conference accreditation #ldconf

We all know the agonies the party has gone through on Conference accreditation. And they are real agonies. Next week when we gather in Brighton, our family will not be complete, because some people aren't going because they object to the Police checks. For others it's more than an objection in principle. They fear errors being made in the process which might accidentally reveal a former identity, which could be a different gender, for example, to people who have no business knowing it.

While there is an opt-out process, those using it have to effectively out themselves which rather defeats the object.

In my own circle of friends, I'd say that I know at least 20 people who are not going. There's a few from Scotland who would otherwise go, but are staying away because they object to the very principle of accreditation. I'm going because I don't want our policy to be made exclusively by people who are ok with this sort of thing. The week will be tinged with sadness, though, because I won't see people like Jennie. I am really gutted about that.

One thing liberals are very good at is laughing their way through pain. Let's face it, we've had enough of it over the many years of our existence. We'd never survive without a sense of humour.

Sarah Brown, who's been a fabulous advocate of the case against accreditation, has re-written one of the most important liberal anthems. The Land is sung, several times, raucously and increasingly drunkenly at that end of Conference singathon the Glee Club. Sarah's version appears in full on her own blog but her first verse is reproduced below.
Sound the blues and twos, eh boys and sound them far and wide!Liberals want to congregate, but don’t let them inside!We know they passed a motion; it’s pathetic that they tried.Conference is not for these people.
The Glee Club takes place in the Oxford Suite of the Hilton Metropole, which is outside the security cordon, on Tuesday evening from 10pm.

I think as an acknowledgement to the fact that our family is not complete next week, we should sing Sarah's version on Tuesday night.

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