Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Well done, Andy Murray

Unlike many of my friends, I didn't sit up all night watching Andy Murray's match. For him, this was probably a good thing because all the evidence points to me jinxing him when I do. The most recent example was during his Wimbledon semi final this year. The only game I watched live - he lost. Then he won the match when I nipped out to get something for dinner.  I've found that if his matches are on in the background and I don't actually watch them, he doesn't lose so I might have got away with having the radio on. Last night, however, I had such a stinking cold that I was in bed by the end of the first set.

It's fantastic that the boy from Dunblane has won his first Grand Slam. There was a sense of inevitability that this day would come, and I always felt that it would be at the US Open rather than Wimbledon with all its extra pressures, that he would triumph.

Andy Murray has won a lot of friends this year with his emotional display after losing the Wimbledon Final and then winning the Olympic Gold medal on the same court.

Of all the ironies, Murray's win, as Stephen points out, 79 years exactly since Fred Perry won his US Open title in 1933. Perry's win came on one of my Facebook's friend's dad's 3rd birthday. Murray's was his 82nd birthday. Hope you had a good day, Mr S.

Let's hope that his win inspires kids to take up tennis - and for more tennis facilities to become freely available to all children. Tennis clubs can be prohibitively expensive and there don't seem to be any north of Easter Ross in Scotland.

Silverware definitely suits Mr Murray. Let's hope we soon get a chance to see him next to the Wimbledon gold men's trophy so we can see if that's an equally good combination. I don't doubt that we will one day soon.


Munguin said...

Well done Andy! Say it’s a Great British achievement all you SNP naysayers! I’m sure as we speak our glorious leader David Cameron is running the Saltire up over Downing Street (like he did during the Wimbledon final, only this time he did not jinx Andy by doing it first) and our slightly less glorious Scottish Secretary is taking time off from the important business of re-arranging the furniture and is running one up on Dover House to join the Onion Jack. What a Great British achievement indeed....oh no that was the M25!

Unknown said...

Munguin, you seem a little excitable today. Maybe you are a little overtired having sat up all night watching the match? Here's Mike Moore's comment - which, rightly, is focused on Andy's achievement. You get the feeling he watched the match too. Pretty balanced.

“It was fantastic to see Andy Murray wins his first Grand Slam – he is a worthy champion who has fought his way to the top of the game. There is no doubt this is the first Grand Slam of many for Andy. It was a thrilling match and a showcase for the way his game and skills have grown over the past months. He has capped off a sensational summer of UK sport with his achievement and the whole of Scotland can be proud of him.”


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