Thursday, March 25, 2010

Caron's Corkers 25th March

Firstly, Happy Golden Jubilee to the Lib Dems' Blogfather, Lord Bonkers' alter ego Jonathan Calder. I met him at the Bloggers' Unconference in Edinburgh in November and I was completely starstruck. Hope he has a fantastic next decade!

The Lovely Elephant critiques the Budget and shows how the Tories haven't exactly covered themselves in glory in the past.

Scott at Love and Garbage gives us a beautifully written account of the Doctor's presence in his life. Quite brought a tear to my eye, as I'm sure it did to his wife's when he told her to wait when she thought she was going into labour during the first Eccleston/RTD episode.

Brits on Pole uncover Lewis Hamilton's secret life. Maybe. Before you political lot dismiss this as another F1 post, just think about how this sort of thing could be used in the political arena.

Stephen analyses yesterday's Official SNP Twitter feed and surmises that whoever writes it was indulging in some cider before the tax went up.

Saw this one after I'd pressed publish - why on earth did Anne Moffat put herself through the stress of the attempts to deselect her in East Lothian if she was already planning to stand down on the basis of ill health? Andrew has more.

That's all for today folks. Have a good day!

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Scott @ loveandgarbage said...

Thanks for that. I'm glad you liked it.


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