Friday, March 05, 2010

Happy Birthday, Honor

Today is my lovely little sister's birthday.

I won't tell you how old she is, because she'd kill me. I already miscalculated and told Anna she was a year older than she actually is and Honor is barely speaking to me.

One of the rules of our relationship is that she's allowed to tease me for being old (even though she married a man 6 months and 1 day older, who, apparently is young), but reciprocation on my part unleashes forces of hell that would even terrify Damien McBride and Charlie Whelan, but I can deal with that because otherwise she's pretty good value.

Seriously, though, Honor is a brilliant sister. She's much more competent than I am and has much more common sense, but she's great fun and one of the best mums I know. Anna absolutely adores her, too.

She spent last night at the X Factor concert in Aberdeen by her friend Katie. She's posted photos on Facebook of them both in their official t-shirts, drinking cocktails. Sis, your sassy new haircut is brilliant. The rest of the bar was completely empty though - I wondered if they'd scared everyone off:-).

Have an excellent birthday, Honor!

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