Saturday, March 06, 2010

Why vote Lib Dem book sells out on Amazon in 2 days

I really didn't think Colin Firth could go any higher in my estimation.

I mean, who can forget this scene from Pride and Prejudice in 1995?

Or those hilarious fight scenes with Hugh Grant in the Bridget Jones movies?

Or his not very good but heartfelt rendition of Our Last Summer in Mamma Mia?

Or his portrayal of the heartbroken, brooding writer who falls for his Portuguese housekeeper in Love Actually?

Then we find out that not only is he a Lib Dem, but he's willing to stand up and be counted as one by contributing to this book.

This is a book which was only published 2 days ago but is already out of stock on Amazon. They had better get some more soon.

The book isn't just the Colin Show, though - it has contributions from, among others, Brian Eno, Gary McKinnon's mum Janis Sharp and Floella Benjammin as Lib Dem Voice highlighted the other day.

Let's hope that 2010 is a winning year for both Colin in the Oscars and the Lib Dems.


subrosa said...

Ah Caron, what taste you have. I want to see his new film but it hasn't come 'to a cinema near me' as yet.

Somehow I think you've published this post unfinished. :)

Edis said...

Admittedly The Conmen and BrownpantsLab books are also out of stock, but this does suggest some grounswell of interest in the Political Process in general..

Note to online searchers, this 'Why Vote Lib Dem?' book is not the earlier book 'Why Vote Liberal Democrat?' still apparently available at certain online bookshops.

subrosa said...

Ah Caron, his politics come some way down my list of attractions. ;)

His appeal to me is his gentleness. In all his good (and bad) performances the viewer senses it - at least I do.

Jock Coats said...

Very annoying really. They should not have taken my pre-order if they weren't going to get enough to fulfill it.

As to Mr Firth, you can keep him in Dorian Gray; it's the lush Ben Barnes all the way for me...:)


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