Monday, March 22, 2010

That "which celebrity do you hate" meme

I've been double tagged for this one, by both Yousuf, and Spiderplant. The idea is that you name a celebrity you really, really hate. The idea was started by our own Mark after he read an article in the Telegraph by Bryony Gordon, who said:

I have a theory that almost everybody loathes one person in the public eye with such passion that the mere mention of their name is enough to make you combust with rage. This person has to be someone famous, someone you have never met before, someone who can pop up on the television for 30 seconds yet make you feel apoplectic for hours afterwards."

I suspect this is Mark trying to lighten the atmosphere in this rather febrile time leading up to the start of the election campaign, trying to get us all to play nicely together. I'm mildly fed up with him for choosing Patrick Kielty, who barely has to open his mouth before I come out in hives.

As for my choice, well, being essentially a peace loving hippy, I don't really hate anyone. Sappy, I know, but it's true. There are, however a number of possibilities for that person whose existence is a bit like nails down a blackboard for me. I did think about Lewis Hamilton who doesn't have to try too hard to have me spitting feathers. Then I thought about Ashley Cole because I generally have an issue with footballers being completely underworked and overpaid as well as treating the women in their lives like accessories to be discarded and forgotten about at will. Finally I thought about Dr Hilary Jones, the GMTV doctor whose ignorant and inaccurate advice on breastfeeding makes me foam at the mouth.

I think my dislike of all of them is too rationally based, though, so I've had to find someone who really drives me insane for no good reason - and here he is:

Everything about Gary Rhodes screams pretension, and how you can have that when making what is effectively a very simple Risotto is beyond me. Even the exaggerated way he stirs things in the pan makes my eyes water. His recipes are so precise and faffy. I deliberately chose a simple one cos I couldn't inflict any of the ones where he makes little parcels of things with their little bows. Who cares?

The way he sways before the camera in an affected manner,the way he says "just one turn of the pepper milll" before giving it an ostentatious three twists both fill me with bile. Everything about him just as if by magic, enlivens every hackle I possess.

It's a shame, really, because he's someone who brings nothing but pleasure in the form of good food into the world and doesn't need someone like me being churlish about his work.

I am going to tag Stephen, Kayleigh, Mr MacNumpty, Sara and my completely fabulous niece Laura. Now, Yousuf has already broken my heart by choosing Robbie Williams. You should feel free, of course, to choose other people you know I like, but just know you'll make me very sad....


LibCync said...

Sorry to burst your irrational hatred bubble but Gary Rhodes's association with Tate & Lyle in the 90s is a rational reason to hate him! :)

Caron said...

Darn! Oh well, somebody that annoying had to have some good reason to dislike him.

mickeyjack said...

I still think Renee Zellwegger is way more irritating that Rhodes. At least Rhodes would bring something useful to dinner, like cake.


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