Friday, March 26, 2010

In which I am not chuffed with technology

Today has not been a very good day. I decided that I'd get up to watch the second F1 practice from Melbourne. I couldn't even contemplate the first session, which started at 1.30 in the morning as I would really have ruined myself for today. Anyway, I got up at 5.30 and felt so vile that I ended up dosing on the sofa for most of the session. It was great to have Antony Davidson back in the 5 live commentary box with Crofty. I really missed him in Bahrain.

Anyway, the morning passed relatively uneventfully. I was working at home and despite a minor tantrum at the inflexibility of a particular governmental organisation, I got a fair bit done.

Then I went to pick Anna up from school. We have one of these Nissan Micras with keyless entry. There's a wee button on the door that you're supposed to press as long as you have the key nearby. It's a great system. When it works.

It was a bit erratic last year and we had the keys re-coded which seemed to fix the problem. This week it's been a bit weird again but on no occasion ever have I failed to get into the car. Until today. There is an emergency keyhole on the passenger door, but it wasn't having any attempt to get the key into it. I ended up spending £7 on a taxi to go up to school and pick her up.

So now I have a car on my drive that I can't get in to. The garage, which is literally 2 minutes' drive away can't do anything to help until Wednesday. I'm hoping that Bob will be able to fix it when he gets home but until then I'm marooned. It's not even that I wanted to get anywhere. I'm just fed up that I can't.

Oh well, I guess I shall just have to lie on the sofa and watch reruns of old Australian grands prix.......

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